Griffin Capacitive Stylus review

Griffin’s capacitive stylus is designed for easier navigation of touchscreen devices such as smartphones and tablets. Ideal for people who use drawing apps on tablets, or just want a more comfortable and accurate way of navigating their device, the Griffin stylus is a superbly constructed and comfortable product. 

Made from metal, the stylus feels very sturdy and solid in the hand, and has a certain heft to it that makes it feel like a truly high quality product. Unlike cheaper styluses, the rubber tip is stiff and doesn’t bend under pressure, making it ideal for those who use drawing/illustration apps and need to use varying degrees of pressure in order to get a more realistic quality of line. 

With a good grip, the stylus also features a clip at the top allowing you to clip it to a pocket. 

I found the stylus to be very accurate, and superbly comfortable to hold. With perfect weighting, it feels just like using a pen on paper, and is wonderful for using drawing apps or general navigation of a tablet or smartphone. My only complaint would be the price - at £20 it is a little expensive despite the premium materials. Otherwise, a great product. 

Thanks to Gearzap for sending this out to me for review. Gearzap stock a great range of Nexus 7 accessories, so be sure to check them out!

Gum Rock portable speaker stand review

The Gum Rock portable speaker is a tiny suction speaker stand, designed to stick to surfaces and also act as a stand, to be placed on the back of a device:

The speaker connects to an audio device using Bluetooth, meaning that it can be used with most smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. Testing it with a Nexus 4, Galaxy S3, and a Nexus 7 and Macbook Pro, I found no issues with the Bluetooth connectivity and the range was exceptional. 

On the back there is a small flap, which reveals the Micro USB charging port (a cable is included, but no wall adapter) and on/off switch. 

The audio quality of this speaker is exceptional. For such a small device, it is very loud and clear throughout the mids and highs - bass response is somewhat lacking, but considering the size this is hardly surprising. When stuck to a table, however, the speaker seems to perform better.

The rubber texture and lack of external components make this an ideal portable setup, and one that is so loud that it could almost be used for house parties. Truly a great portable speaker with astonishingly good sound quality. 

Thanks to Mobilefun for sending this out to me for review. Mobilefun stock an excellent range of bluetooth accessories at great prices, so be sure to check them out if you’d like to buy this speaker.